Holly, Sienna en Noah in de Soesterduinen, dikke vriendinnen


Sandylands My Guy Ramah Guardsman Silronray’s Black Bonnet
Ramah Starna
Glosmere Chocolate Maker Shadowsquad Topanoora At Silronrays
Shadowsquad Queen Of Spades
Mr. Blue of Blackamoor And Tabatha Cloverdale’s Brown Oxford Silonray’s Call It Even
Chucklebrook Brown Hilda
Rockabee Blue Peter of Sandylands Sandylands Pollyanna KC.
Sandylands Gratitude


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Majik Finders Keepers Remington Razzle Dazzle Shardanell Talk o’the Town At Ipcress
Remington Remember Me
Majik Whiter Shade Ritzilyn Top Hat’n’Tails
Majik Missing Link
Woodland Paradise Abigail Rayleas Just A Joker Largymore Marcus
Rayleas Barbara Ann
Inassicas Savage Rose Sequins Shamrock
Inassicas Victoria


sequins shulah

Dream Max Golden Eagle Non-Stop James Bond Gatchells Man of Honour
Non-Stop Dio
Abnalls Scarlett Jako’s Union For Dream Max
Abnalls Isabella
Mathilda of The Hellacious Acres Inassicas Coriander Cheer’s Way of The World
Inassicas Sea Mayweed
Martha of The Hellaciouse Acres Sansue Hi’Land Storm
Bows of The Hellacious Acres


Woodland Paradise Abigail


Moeder van Holly

Mathilda of the Hellacious  Acres (Maud)

mathilda of the hellacious acres

Vader van Holly

Sequins Shulah

Dutch Champion Dream Max Golden Eagle Jonas

jonas (1)

Moeder van Noah

Inassicas savage rose

foto Inassicas Savage Rose (steffie).jpg

Vader van Noah

Rayleas Just a joker


 Moeder van Sienna

Peatfarm Delisia

 Vader van Sienna

basic blend van de beerse hoeve